Friday, August 29, 2014

The New Kid in Germany

It's been more than a while, I know. This summer was awfully busy for me. 
In short: I graduated, got engaged and moved to Germany, and a lot in-between.

Now I live in a not-very-small-but-kinda-small-for-me city, called Kassel. Never heard of it? It's alright, neither did I. Here, I moved in with my fiance (still weird to call him that way) and I'm looking for a job. Until then, time to take some photos of my new dress from my favorite shop, Gossip Tree. I just couldn't leave Romania without some unique things to show off in Germany. And walking around the town with a big red cross on you is not very common here, except for the punk-rock-goth teenagers who want to be different.

Speaking of uniqueness, I walked a bit through the city with my camera and wasn't so impressed. Hopefully I will find people who won't blend in with the crowd and are willing to be photographed.

dress - White Elephant // shirt - Atmosphere // bag - Marc O'Polo // shoes - Steve Madden

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter and Overalls

My dude and I spent our Easter holiday in Germany. We had a lovely weather, spent some quality time together and, of course, did some touristy stuff including a bit o shopping in Hanover. We visited the little city called Blankenburg and found this beautiful baroque garden where we shot these photos.

While shopping in Hanover we went to hell-yeah Primark. As usual, a lot of people were in there and we didn't want to wait to try the clothes on. So we just grabbed what we liked and thought they will fit. We nailed it! And I was thrilled to find this denim overall (or dungaree). I always wanted one. Well, I think we all did own one when we were kids, but I still like them. They are playful and hip at the same time.You can either look like the cool kid on the playground or like the fun adult on the street.

What do you think about this type of overalls? Are they still cool?

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Miu Miu Love

Well, I can fairly say I have the best boyfriend in the world. He chose and bought me these bold and gorgeous Miu Miu shoes. I never owned shoes that were someday on the runway. I was soooo excited. Actually I still am. And the best part is, they were only 75 euros. Money well spent, that's for sure. :)

I know they are unusual and not many of you, ladies, would like to wear them, but I like clothes and shoes that are different and stand out. 

They are so pretty I'm afraid to wear them and break them or something. But I will surely wear them at my graduation prom. Until then I have to learn how to walk in 15 cm high heels. 

This is Florence Welch wearing them at the Venice Film Festival. I like her very much and now I like her even more. I'm proud to say I own the same shoes as Florence ... hihi

Monday, March 24, 2014

I love Sibiu


skirt - vintage // sunglasses - Betsey Johnson // shoes - Mono Shoes // bag - LavyQ

shoes and bag powered by Gossip Tree

I do love my hometown Sibiu. In my opinion it's the most beautiful town in Romania. That is why I wanted the whole world to know it. :) You always see „I love NY” t-shirts or any other famous cities, but how about Romania? Be proud to be Romanian, at least I try as much as I can.

I paired the t-shirt with my mom's vintage skirt that reminded me a bit of Ulyana Sergeenko and Gossip Tree accessories.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An unique wedding

This is a sponsored post

Making a Wedding Stand Out: Top Ideas for a Unique Day
If you’re planning the intricacies of tying the knot, remember that your day can be as unique as you want it to be. While it is far easier to choose a cookie cutter wedding that has all the traditional elements included, adding your own personality to the day can make it even more special and unique so that not only do you remember it as a standout day, but your guests do too.
The idea of making a wedding unique could easily mean upping the budget, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to be original. Careful planning and a little creativity can provide you and your other half with a wedding to be proud of. Perhaps some of these ideas may appeal to you when planning your ideal wedding:

Fancy Dress
Have you ever considered being a little barmy and organising a fancy dress wedding? Set a theme in the early stages and, as part of the invitation, ask for your guests to join in the fun and dress up appropriately! With plenty of men’s and women’s fancy dress at George and like, they don’t need to worry about spending a fortune (in fact, it can often turn out to be less than spending on a new frock!) and you can all have some crazy fun as part of the special day.
If you don’t want to think completely out of the box, perhaps a masquerade ball as part of the reception would be a good idea?

If you don’t want to go the whole hog and ask guests to dress up, perhaps you could incorporate a theme running through the day instead. Many couples choose to base their wedding décor around certain colours, but why stop there? Base the day around something that you both love so that a glimmer of your personalities can shine through.
Maybe you both love Alice in Wonderland (or at least you do) and would love to have a vintage tea party in the style of the Mad Hatter, or perhaps your other half proposed to you in New York and you would like to use this as inspiration. Maybe you both love Art Deco and want to incorporate it into your wedding stationery? Or maybe you’re both lovers of 50s rock and roll – if so, you could go to jive lessons and perform a choreographed first dance to be proud of!

Quirky Catering
A sit down meal is all well and good, but why not add something interesting to the mix as well? You could incorporate ideas such as sweet tables, an ice cream van or a fish and chip van to the proceedings if you fancy being a little different!

Traditional photos are fabulous to look back on, but why stop there? If your guests are up for it you could use a fun photo booth with some random props, or provide a couple of Polaroid cameras to spice up the guest book. An old school Holga complete with filters would be a fab addition, too.

It’s up to you how much personality and uniqueness you inject into your wedding – just remember that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and something that should be remembered forever as being exactly how you wanted it to be! 

Waiting for the show

While looking for people on the streets, you may also find interesting images that send some kind of message, like this one.

Sunny afternoon, plastic chairs waiting to be used by people and a woman escaping from the crowd, enjoying the silence before the show.